How to Download Pixel Dungeon for Mac

Pixel Dungeon is an old school game brought to the gamers by Watabou, an indie game developer. Pixel Dungeon is a game that will be developed on the notion of games like Rogue or Brian Walkers Brogue.

The game starts with a multilevel randomly generated dungeon which are full of monsters ready to turn you. This game is pretty interesting and gets addictive as we go along. With old school gaming and many exceptional characteristics this game is still available for free

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon

1 Gameplay

The game Pixel Dungeon is an old school game where all that matters is clearing the stages of survival and dungeon. The game takes you through various amounts where you finally gather Amulet OfYendor, fight fierce looking monsters and collect valuable items.

In this game, gamers gets to select from three different characters: Rogue, Mage and Warrior. Warrior is an actual fighter it has higher strength, better sword. His HP is restored by eating food and he knows which potion to drink to increase strengths. Mage understands which scrolls identifies items and begin with a wand that is better, eating food restores wand chargers.

The chargers that are wand regenerates quicker in the instance of Mage. The third character starts with a ring that knows which scroll reveals the floor map, has better missile accuracy, raises evasion and can last longer without the food. This game offers gamers a lot. Stuffs collectable things this game, like three distinct characters, various ferocious creature, potions becomes an entire bundle to pass time.

2. Images

This game, Pixel Dungeon, is a pixel art like graphics game. Graphics resolution of the game is just not it absolutely will not give you a wow minute just by images and what you find in todays high graphics. But the graphics which comes with the game entirely warrants the game. While playing you wouldn’t find a dependence on more images.

3. Sound

Sound of the game is something which enhances the feel of the game. Sound track which runs in the background can occasionally give goose bumps with potion and the monster and dark dungeons.

4. Extras

Creatures are also turn based and potions are generated at random. That is quite a varied range of items available. The potion can also sometimes do negative effect. Such features make it a complete package.

Want Pixel Dungeon Game On Your Own Mac?

  • To start with get an android emulator.
  • Set the BlueStacks in your Mac up.
  • By searching Pixels Dungeon on BlueStacks search tab carry On farther.
  • On finding the desired App click on Download tab.
  • Relax and await the game to get entirely installed.
  • Appreciate the amazing yet simplistic encounter the game must provide.

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